what is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is all the visual elements that you choose to represent the overall face of your business. The visual elements and how they are executed play an important role in creating the brand image in the eyes of the consumer.

The Manifest Designs Corporate package

This basic package provides all the basic branding needs a business would require to get started such as a logo, typeface, colour palette and imagery. After this, we apply the visual elements to physical forms of branding which includes business cards, letterheads, email signatures and social media.

Depending on your branding needs, we can also apply these visual elements onto other forms of branding such as packaging, brochures, signage, menus, posters and vinyl stickers.

*Please note that we do not carry out the physical production of the above, however, we are able to send the digital files directly to the supplier you have chosen for printing/production.

Look at this example below!

Ebony and Ivory CI-17.jpg
dropstitch tags.jpg